Client Reviews

"After two years of struggling to get my divorce resolved, I met with Ron to see if he was the person to help me. I liked him immediately. He is sharp and efficient and easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about the law. I explained the entire mess to him in 30 minutes and he got the picture immediately. Ron educated me about several aspects of my case the attorneys I had spoken to previously had neglected to. We made a game plan, we worked together, and I was divorced 14 weeks later without having to endure a settlement conference and with a better outcome than I had been heading for. Along the way, Ron was easy to reach, returned my calls and e-mails quickly, and suggested many cost saving measures, including having his associate (whom I also really liked) do most of the research, paperwork, and filings with his supervision. He explained my options at every turn and several times sent me an e-mail with the relevant case law so I could see the source of the recommendations he was making. Ron was a pleasure to work with and helped me bring resolution to a very difficult and upsetting time and I have now happily moved on. Some of the best money I have spent. My only regret is that I did not have him on board from the beginning."
- G.D., San Francisco, CA

"Ron Champoux was recommended to me by my business attorney to handle my divorce case. That was very fortunate. Ron clearly knows the law and better still what to expect from the court. He was able to predict with a high level of accuracy how the court might decide an issue, and develop a legal strategy around it. I respect that he never once spoke disparagingly of my ex-wife and did not foment friction. Unfortunately my ex-wife's attorney did the opposite. Ron Champoux was a step or two ahead of my ex-wife's attorney at every juncture. I could also see that Ron had garnered the respect of the court (Judge Beverly Wood) and was clearly liked by everyone, including opposing counsel. He's basically a nice guy who is very competent, treats everyone with respect and gets it back. I witnessed the value of having an attorney that the court respects. His personal integrity is a given in the courtroom and his representations carry weight. He makes honest statements and winning arguments. My case was very litigious because my ex-wife's attorney was money hungry, hostile and unethical. Ron was able to deftly thwart the other side's aggression and shady tactics. He also very importantly explained the court's attitude toward entitlement and hard work. The Marin County Family Court is dominated by successful women who have balanced career and family, and do not agree that a spouse is entitled to a free ride while the other works. Ron understood that basic concept and the court's propensity for it and I was better served. It makes a big difference having an ethical attorney who thinks well on his feet. Ronald Champoux saved me at least a half million dollars in settlement and perhaps over a million. So obviously I'm a big fan. Ron has mastered the nuances of managing a case, which means you are buying a high level of legal expertise and good sense. If you're looking for an attorney who will scorch the earth, then keep looking. But if you're looking for an attorney with class who knows how to win, then Ron Champoux is your guy."
- M.R., San Anselmo, CA

Ron Champoux was invaluable as my attorney in the area of child custody/visitation. I had a extremely complex/complicated case. Ron did his best to explain the law, and my options in the most intelligent way to get the results I desired. He is extremely trustworthy, decent, honest and knowledgeable. His attention to detail in his preparation and delivery was impressive. This along with his confidence and knowledge of the law was why I got the results I wanted (as impossible as they were!) If it can be done Ron will get you the results you want. As they say, you get what you pay for, and Ron is worth his weight in Gold."

-K.D., San Rafael, CA

"Ron provided stellar representation. I don't give professional compliments easily, and I work with lawyers in my "day job," so I feel qualified and credible - I know what I'm talking about. On short notice, beginning during the holidays, and later while I was hundreds of miles away on business, Ron [was] able to provide competent, coherent, professional, and very reasonable services. We were working with some pretty tricky and nuanced child support add-ons. The written work product they gave me to review encapsulated my statements to them very eloquently - I literally couldn't have written it better myself. Although I was paying for expertise and legal counseling, what I received in addition, more than anything else, was peace of mind. They "get it." I recommend them without hesitation. I will continue to work with them if new issues arise and expect to refer new clients to them when the opportunities/needs arise. After my hearing date they received from me modest but heartfelt thank-you gifts. Hopefully that gives you some idea of how grateful I was to have them in my corner."
- D.H., Corte Madera, CA

"Ron is more sensitive and intelligent than the vast majority of family law attorneys. Of the seven family law attorneys with whom I have worked (on either side), none has even been comparable. His high-level guidance was invaluable as to what was worth pursuing and what was likely to be an expensive and draining exercise. His attention to detail was incredible. I trusted him explicitly during my difficult divorce. Having him on my side made me feel safe and glad that I wasn't on the other side going against someone of his caliber. He cares about his clients, has a great deal of personal integrity and perspective, and is a pleasure to work with. Whichever side finds and hires Ron first in a divorce is the lucky side."
- J.S., Oakland, CA

"Ron Champoux is an absolutely stellar attorney. I came to him with a highly difficult case involving many issues of family law (divorce almost final, unexpected death, lack of will, estate planning, premarital agreement dispute, etc) and he handled me and all of my problems with kindness and extreme professionalism. He is a very soft spoken, kind man, but when negotiations must be made, he is a master at it. He got me a settlement that was fair, and that's what I was looking for. Ron returns phone calls promptly, and always lets you know how the case is progressing. He seems to be very well respected by his peers and by the court. The people in his office are also of the highest caliber ... Ron seems to have a very good rapport with everyone who works under him. I cannot recommend Ron Champoux highly enough."
- S.B., San Anselmo, CA

"Recently, I worked with Ron a difficult visitation/support issue. It was complex due to geographical distance and the impossible nature of the other party. Through great skill, knowledge and strategy, he was able to bring the issue to a successful conclusion. He kept his cool and remained fair throughout the process, even while the other party played dirty. He is very approachable, has a high level of integrity, knows the law and the system. I would highly recommend his services."
- C.T., Woodacre, CA

"Ron is personable, knowledgeable and skilled. He knows the Marin County divorce court personnel well. He also was sensitive to the sadness and difficulty of the situation, and always worked to treat all with respect. In addition, Ron showed a high level of integrity and fairness in dealing with a billing misunderstanding. He was the right person for me during that difficult time, and I strongly recommend him."
- J.J., San Francisco, CA

"Ron was my divorce attorney and helped me with all the aspects of the divorce in the last 1.5 years. Like many other divorces mine was very stressful and complicated. Ron helped me through this difficult process patiently. He tried hard to avoid unnecessary escalations and tried to resolve issues in a fair way. He explained things to me well so I knew my options and could make informed decisions. When he had to escalate things and present it to the court he did an excellent job representing me and my case. He is very knowledgeable, approachable, organized and is a great negotiator. He returns calls and emails in a timely manner and keeps you informed at all times. Ron is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him whether you have a complicated family issue or a simple one."
- S.S., Tiburon, CA

"I made the mistake of hiring a family law attorney not familiar with the Marin County Courts. When I realized this, thankfully not too late, ... I was referred to Ron Champoux. He his sharp, caring, intelligent, and was a really effective advocate for me. Without compromising my position, Ron was constantly able to show me how to choose my battles wisely, and in doing so, kept my legal fees to a minimum. Having an attorney that knows the players, the lawyers and works with the Marin Courts is a must. Ron succeeded in obtaining a great custody result for my children, and child support that I did not expect. Divorce was so much more difficult then I had ever imagined, especially having children, and having Ron on my side made a huge difference."
- J.B., San Rafael, CA

"Ron was fantastic in helping me through my divorce settlement. He was so thorough, professional, and easy to work with. When things were tense, he always remained calm and clear headed. He was great at returning my calls in a timely manner, even when he was very busy. Before I found Ron, I felt powerless and lost in my divorce. After finding Ron, and knowing that I had a very confident and trustworthy Attorney on my side, I felt strong again. He is a man of integrity and it shows in his work! I would recommend him highly to anyone going through a divorce."
- A.B., Larkspur, CA

"Nothing about my divorce has been pleasant, except the patience and understanding that Ron executed when working out some difficult issues that came up. He was professional, understanding, and loyal.. I would recommend Ron to anyone going through a divorce."
- B.R., Novato, CA

"Ron represented me in my legal separation. My funds were very limited and he helped me to work within my budget. His non-confrontational but well-organized approach to doing business with the other attorneys involved in the case went a long way towards putting everyone at ease. As a result, we were all able to work together to reach an agreement that was mutually acceptable and we did not spend a great deal of time, effort, and money on adversarial behavior. I found Ron to be personable, persistent, well-informed, ethical, flexible and compassionate. I would recommend him without hesitation."
- F.A., San Anselmo, CA

"Ron is a fantastic attorney! Efficient, ethical and conscientious. My divorce work was done over the phone and email with the least amount of time spent; the process went very smoothly and he personally suggested using his assistant to save cost. He supervises his competent staff very closely. Thank you Ron!"
- N.N., Tiburon, CA

"I can not say enough good things about Ron Champoux's abilities as an attorney! He was knowledgeable, conscientious and always on target with his advice. He made a terrible situation much more tolerable. The best part is that he was always available at a moments notice to take care of any necessary items that may come up."
- N.D., Novato, CA

"Ron represented me through my divorce 8 years ago, and has worked with me over the years with visitation and support issues (post-divorce). He is extremely knowledgeable in estate and family law, quick (helps keep attorney fees down), concise, presents clear legal perspective to both the client and the court, is very personable, has a high level of integrity, etc. Of the 15 or more attorneys I saw speak while in the courtroom, Ron was the most professional - confident, clear, persuasive, eloquent. It is evident his peers and superiors respect him as well."
- K.F., Sausalito, CA

"Ron represented me through my divorce over the past year. (2010-2011) He is a strategic negotiator and is very upfront with informing clients what issues are financially worth paying him to negotiate. Ron is very personable, professional and sensitive to his clients concerns. Ron works well with both parties, with a non confrontational approach that promotes settlement out of court. I always felt comfortable asking questions and he was very prompt in returning all phone calls."
- C.M., Larkspur, CA

"Ron has done extensive work for me over the years. Initially it was my divorce and later child custody and support issues. He is very knowledgeable and professional in his approach. He is also not afraid to speak his mind and is a straight shooter all the way and what I really appreciated (good and bad). Ron was great about keeping me well informed of the progress through the proceedings so there were no surprises later. He did a great job negotiating a fair and reasonable outcome for me with again no unpleasant surprises."
- D.G., San Rafael, CA

"Ron is everything good the other posts suggest, well worth five stars. In addition, he was always good humoured and actually fun to be working with. In sad and difficult times I really felt Ron was there for me. The end result a smooth, successful and amicable divorce. Thank you so very much Ron. I wish you continued success with your business."
- M.V., San Francisco, CA

"Ron is a very professional and detailed family lawyer, I needed his help on my divorce. Another experienced lawyer highly recommended him for my situation. I was not prepared for a divorce; indeed, I did not want it. The divorce proceeded, and Ron made sure I understood the process and the different impacts. Being very thorough, Ron negotiated an excellent and fair settlement, while making sure my issues got the best results. Ron is efficient, fast, and knows the best solutions. If you need a divorce lawyer who you can relate to, and who will get the best solutions, Ron is your man!"
- B.B., Tiburon, CA

"I have used Ron Champoux’s legal services on three occasions. Each time he was extremely professional, patiently answered my questions and pointedly looked out for my best interests. His advice allowed me to make major life-changing decisions that, while using his guidance, I was able to implement in a time-frame that worked to my advantage. He was very conscious of the costs involved and worked diligently to keep his fees as low as reasonably possible. I am pleased to give him my highest recommendation."
- D.P., Novato, CA

"Ron has handled family law questions for myself and for my mother. I have also recommended him to a friend who was very satisfied. We have found him to be knowledgeable and professional and always very able to assist us with all our questions. I will continue to recommend to anyone as an excellent resource for creating a will/living will."
- C.L., Cotati, CA


"Ron is a talented attorney who represents his clients vigorously, but has the ability to resolve cases. He is an excellent negotiator and trial attorney."
- Sylvia Shapiro, former Superior Court Commissioner, Marin County Superior Court.

"I have referred several clients to Ron. They have reported that he is prompt and efficient, and that he achieved good results for a fair fee."
- Matthew White, Attorney in San Rafael, CA

"I endorse this lawyer."
- Paul Smith, Attorney in San Rafael, CA

"Ron is extremely professional and knowledgeable in family law & estate planning. He is able to take complex emotional issues and break them down in a way meaningful to clients. He also knows the various local procedures & players in Marin County. Speaking to various family law attorneys, it is clear that he is highly regarded by his peers, which helps him reach positive results for his clients. He legitimately cares about his clients, which is apparent in how he connects with them and his sensitivity to cost. Clients can sometimes feel frustrated regarding the established law in this area. Ron helps them to objectively understand the merits of their case, what their options are, and to determine which issues are really worth fighting over. Ron takes pride in his work, which is apparent from his attention to detail. He is a stickler for technical and substantive perfection in everything he submits to the court, making for an effective and well-respected advocate."
- Jacqueline Canlas-Laflam, Attorney in San Rafael, CA

"I have known Ron since we attended law school together, nearly 20 years ago. Since that time, I have referred several clients to him, invariably with excellent results. I know Ron to be a bright, energetic, dedicated attorney, who cares about getting the best results for his clients. I will continue to recommend him to any of my clients or friends who are in need of advice or representation on issues involving family law."
- Solomon Wollack, Attorney in Pleasant Hill, CA