Ron Champoux is an AV-rated attorney with 30 years of experience. The AV Rating is the highest possible rating given by Martindale-Hubbell for ethical standards and professional ability. At The Law Offices of Ronald E. Champoux, we apply our astute skills and deep experience to assist with a variety of legal issues, including:

Guiding clients through difficult transitions

Ron Champoux and his associate, Lindsay Jacobs Hibbitts, are dedicated to professional advocacy in order to:

• Secure the best outcomes for our clients, while reducing the toll of potential conflict

• Navigate our clients through the turbulence of the present toward a more secure future for them and their beneficiaries

Our experienced and sensible approach involves: 

• Separating the emotional from the legal and objectively weighing the merits of your case

• Applying analytical, financial, property and family law expertise to determine a strategy calculated to deliver your best outcome

• Providing you options and their relative costs, benefits, risks and our recommendations, so that you can be in control of your case

• Being absolutely transparent about our time and costs, ensuring your trust in us

• Working efficiently, with elements of the work done by the appropriate attorney, always with an eye toward mitigating your expense

• Minimizing conflict, where possible, with a steadfast focus on actual, critical elements of your case 

Contact an AV-rated family lawyer with a 30-year reputation of care 

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